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Modern designer dog crates

Tired of traditional dog crate designs and puppy beds that break up your home decor and intrude on your space? Looking for a designer pet bed and pet furniture that keep your beloved animals nearby without becoming an eyesore? Our designer pet den and dog crate furniture makes for unique dog beds that double as functional, attractive tables to fit your home decor. No more dog crate covers, these round puppy beds are sturdy end tables attractively designed to function as small dog beds and dog cages, making for stylish designer dog furniture that doubles as human furniture, too. Among the best online pet beds you can find, our fancy dog beds work as a dog crate and end table equally well, solving the problem of unsightly dog crates in your personal space.


The AlumaDen is a modern pet crate and can be used in any room in the house. It is designed to be used as designer dog furniture as well as a fancy dog bed and dog crate table so that it blends in with other furniture instead of standing out like a traditional crate.

"My husband and I love the convenience and style of the AlumaDen. We previously used a wire dog crate that was bulky and kept in the back room, now we have the AlumaDen right in our family room. Our dogs really seem to like having a place of their own with a comfortable pad in it and we like the extra end table it provides what a unique round dog bed! We are always complimented when friends come over and see it. I would like to personally thank you for providing this quality product."
Jessica Patterson


Round modern pet bed or crate furniture