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About Us

AlumaDen is a joint-effort consisting of over 37-years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience. The owner-originator, Trace Powell, has over 22 years experience running a sheet-metal specialty shop. Co-owner, J. Lee Powell, has more than 15 years experience as a mechanical engineer. Having both skill-sets has allowed us to offer the best, safest, and most cost efficient product to the market.

Each Dog/Cat Den Is Manufactured and Assembled in Edinburgh Indiana and will always be American Made. We are currently working on a new Coffee Table to complete the set.

The idea for AlumaDen came up after receiving our new Shi Tzu Mimi, my wife and I started  researching various products in the pet industry during 2003. We had trouble finding a den that was stylish enough to place inside of a living room where we wanted our new family member to feel welcome.

Round modern pet bed or crate furniture